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How to use iBotta:


Follow these easy steps to start saving money by just shopping like you normally do!


How to get started:

Click the link below with the referral code or download the free app on to your device. Go through the steps to register and make sure the referral code “fuuwaae” is in the referral code box. By using the referral code you will get a $10 bonus. We will talk about that later!

Referral Link:


Start Saving:

After you have downloaded the app and registered, open the app. Located at the bottom of the screen, there is a toolbar. Select the option “Find Offers.” This will bring up more options where you pick the category in which you are shopping.


***Advice: Always check ibotta BEFORE you get to the store and look for items you know you will be buying. Then while at the store you can browse other items you might be impulsed to buy. This way you are not overwhelmed by trying to find a bunch of rebates at once.


After you pick the category, for example if you pick “Grocery,” a list of nearby stores will show and you can pick the store you are going to shop or at the top you can select “All” to show all stores and choose your store that way.


After selecting your store, you will see a list of products with pictures of the product, the name of the product under each picture and the amount of the cash back rebate available for that product. You will also see under each rebate to the right there is a small pink “+” in a circle. By clicking the plus sign, this adds the rebate to your account which will be used for redeeming your cash back after your purchase.


If you click on the rebate, it will take you to the information about the rebate which includes details such as size restrictions, quantity per receipt, varieties that qualify, other stores in which the rebate is redeemable and the expiration of the rebate. Under this information you will see a bar that reads “Check Product Barcode.” This tool is useful while in store if you want to make sure the product you are buying qualifies for the rebate. Click the bar and scan the product and the app will tell you if the product can be used with the rebate. This is to ensure you don’t buy a product thinking a rebate will work with it and then you find out it does not qualify. Nifty, huh? Thank you, iBotta!


Now, let’s talk about the information in the detail section of the rebate. Size restriction is self explanatory, but for example if you pick up a bottle of shampoo in store that is 10 ounces and the rebate is specifically for a 16 ounce bottle, the rebate will not work. The quantity per receipt is how many of the same item you can get cash back for on one receipt. Some rebates say “May be redeemed up to 5 times per receipt.” This means, if you add a rebate to your account for Dawn Dish soap for 25¢, you can buy 5 bottles of the qualifying dish soap on one receipt and redeem a total of $1.25. Some rebates exclude certain varieties of a product. For example, if you add a rebate for Freschetta Frozen Pizza, it may require the pizza to be rising crust, thin crust or brick oven but it could exclude the gluten free variety or stuffed crust. These are things you need to pay attention to to make sure you get the right product for the rebate.


At the bottom of the screen with the product rebate details, you will see a section of other store logos which means the rebate is also available for those stores. If you have a Walmart in your area but you are planning to shop at Dollar General, you can check that section to see if the rebate can be redeemed at DG as well.


Scroll through the list or select a category at the top of the screen for easy finding of a product you may be looking for. You can also search a specific product by clicking the blue magnifying glass in the upper right part of the screen. Add your rebates to your account.


To check the rebates you have added are in fact in your account, look back to the bottom of your screen to the toolbar and select the option for “My Offers.” This will take you to a categorized screen of stores that you have rebates added for and tells you the number of rebates you have for each store. You can click on the store name which will bring up all rebates you have added to your account for that store.


So, you’ve gone to the store, purchased your items in which you have rebates for (which can be on the same receipt as items not eligible for ibotta, they do not need to be separated), you can now open your iBotta app, look at the toolbar along the bottom and in the middle of that toolbar select “Redeem.” Pick your store and the app will tell you to scan the QR Code (the pixelated square) or capture a picture of your receipt. Click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen and scan your receipt. After you scan or take a photo of your receipt, it will ask you what you bought and show a list of items you have added. Select the items you bought on the receipt. Sometimes it will have you scan the barcode for each item. Then when you are finished, select “Verify Purchases” at the bottom of the screen and it will send your receipt. You will get an email that confirms that you get the cash back for those products when it is accepted.


To cash out on iBotta:

Open the app and in the bottom toolbar select “Account.” You must reach a minimum of $20 accumulated to cash out or buy a gift card. Simply select “Withdraw Cash” below your earnings and then select a gift card you would like to purchase or you can cash out to your paypal account.


The option also shows you your lifetime earnings with iBotta so you can brag to your friends and show them how great it is! Speaking of bragging to your friends, remember that $10 bonus I mentioned? By using the referral code provided, you will receive $10 when you redeem your first brand name rebate within the first 2 weeks of signing up for iBotta. After you sign up, you can use your own referral code (located in the Account option, then select Invite Friends and choose which way you would like to send your code or copy and paste the code) send your code to everyone you know who would love to try the app. Once they redeem their first brand name rebate, they will get the same bonus you did but YOU will earn a $5 bonus for them signing up and redeeming a rebate within the first 2 weeks. HOW COOL!! You can make money on this app in addition to saving money on everyday purchases! Why would you NOT try it out??

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